4 al-Qaida members escape U.S. Miltary guarded prison


Four al-Qaida prisoners escaped a U.S. Military guarded maximum-security prison in Baghdad.

The U.S. Military was in charge of the compound, even though the military had given up most of their control of facilities to the Iraq government.

The Iraqi goverment asked for the U.S. help in guarding the facility. The U.S. military guarded the compound that had known convicts connected with the Bin Laden terrorist group, and holds up to 4,000 inmates.

This escape only puts a blunder on U.S. military efforts  in the Middle East. It does make it easy to blame the U.S. government for these prisoners escapes.

But the facts of the story, state that there is 700 Iraqi correction officers working at the facility. There should be an investigation of the officers and see if someone is connected to the escaped convicts.

It also should be noted that two of the al-Qaida members were caught trying to escape. If the Iraqi government blames the U.S. for the escapes, then U.S. should leave the country altogether and let them deal with their problems by themselves.

by Josh Newkirk

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