Fortune Cookie: Your Military Will Be Robust, Lucky Code Numbers are 17,35, 29

A Time magazine article explains how China has unveiled new military paraphernalia ranging from ships, to unique futuristic technology. Coincidentally (or maybe not) this comes days before South Korea and the U.S. practice military games in the South Atlantic. But the country seems to humble itself calling the media event “routine,” as if to say, teleportation is common.

Say Whaaa? I’ll tell you what…they now claim to have the technology to send untraceable codes via Star-Trekian means–quantum physics-style. The Chinese say this would be possible at distances of 16km and claim that it’s longer than any other quantum encryption out there. Maybe in China.

Under classified means, the U.S. has quietly been working on its own millennium projects. A group of universities along with defense corporations claim to have transferred quantum information 23km in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This, hoping to stay ahead of the war-age of technology.

Both the Chinese and the U.S. seem to be seeking this technology both as ways of sending information secretly and to find weaknesses in the technology in order to infiltrate each other’s defenses.

And the race begins.

Posted by Devin Katayama

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