Zimbabwe Hosts Secret Diamond Auction

Posted By: Margarita Williams

Zimbabwe held a secret auction in the Marange diamond fields Tuesday, officials said.  The army has been accused of forcing people who live in the community to mine the diamonds and torturing them if they refused. The stones that are mined in these fields and sold to finance insurgency and are commonly referred to as “blood diamonds.”

I first became aware of the controversial blood diamonds, when Kanye West made a song called “Diamonds from Sierra Leon.” West gave a vivid picture of the serious crimes that are taking place in Africa. He rapped “Good Morning, this ain’t Vietnam still/People lose hands, legs, arms for real/Little was known of Sierra Leone/And how it connect to the diamonds we own.”

According to Zimbabwe, the military is no longer operating the fields and they have been contracted to two South-African firms. The government should be more watchful and aware of what takes place in the fields and make mining in the Marange a legit operation rather than allowing corruption to overtake what could be a moral and profitable business.

Read the article here.

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