Bittersweet School in Malaysia

Here’s the short: a school in Malaysia has opened for pregnant teens, hoping diminish the number of abandoned babies. The school, which is managed by the Malacca Islamic Affairs Department will provide medical care, as well as religious education. Because Malaysia is a Muslim country, there’s stigmata surrounding the school and the idea of premarrital sex. As such, the school intends on keeping the names of the students completely private.

Because of this issue, religious groups are angered by the schools. They’ve previously blocked the women’s minsistry request for teaching sex education to students. And while refreshing, it’s also surprising to see this type of school open in such a dense Islamic area.  But it’ll be an interesting story to watch. If the program is successful, it may become a model in other Muslim areas and a giant, I told you so, to religious groups that look to block anti-muslim anything. If it fails, and doesn’t provide relief to the staggering numbers (currently this year 70) of Malaysian babies left for adoption by parents either to young or ashamed to take care of their child, then religion trumps policy.

However, by the opening day, no one was enrolled. This may be the scarlett letter of the 21st century for this dense Muslim country. And because of that, fear overrides perseverance. All it should take is any amount of success for this program to earn the acknowledgment that times are changing, and while Western belief isn’t overriding much of anything, the path by humanity should override that of religious beliefs.

Written Beautifully by Devin

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