French kiss off the gypsies

Well, here go the French again, insulting another group of people. Last week it was Muslim women who wear burqas, this week it’s gypsies. And of course, it’s always the Americans.

Now the chief of the European Union , Viviane Reding, has compared the French  government to the Nazis, which is one harsh comparison. Seems the French are forcibly deporting gypsies, according to a recent story in the Daily Mail

Allegedly, throughout the past month, some 100 illegal gypsy camps have been razed and up to 1,000 men, women and children kicked out, all on the orders of President Nicolas Sarkozy. Seems Sarkozy thinks the settlements are breeding grounds for criminals.

But it does sort of sound like ethnic cleansing, doesn’t it?

Let’s see, the French are banning burqas, deporting gypsies, they loathe Americans, and it’s a known fact they hate the Jews (they assisted Nazi Germany during the Holocaust).

Maybe Reding is right, they are sounding kind of Nazi-esque.

Reding said the expulsions broke discrimination laws against any ethnic group or nationality.  “’This is a situation that I had thought Europe would not have to witness again after the Second World War,” she said.  

She also said the European Commission, “will have no choice but to initiate infringement procedures against France.”   They could get slapped with a big fine, which will be determined by the European Court of Justice.   Somebody definitely needs to slap them with something.

If France keeps this up, I think the rest of the world should tell them to kiss our fesses.

By Felicia Dechter

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