Newspaper Pleads with Drug Cartels Through Page One Editorial

By Kelsey Duckett

This piece, Cry From Juarez, in the Houston Chronicle was an eye-opener.

According to the watchdog group, Committee to Protect Journalists, at least 22 journalists have lost their lives due to drug-related crime in Mexico — and because of that, an editorial was written on Sunday, on Page One, in the El Diario newspaper in Ciudad Juarez pleading with drug cartels to declare a truce.

As this lede said, “How bad are things in Mexico? This bad.”

The editorial was written just days after the murder of the papers second journalist in two years, this time, a photography intern. A state of, some would call war, has been taking place in Cuidad Juarez for years because of a turf war between drug cartels. The article stated that an estimated 28,000 have died since 2006 — and to strengthen their point the article broke it down stating that 58,000 American died in the Vietnam War, saying, “Unless something changes, Mexico is well on the way to its own domestic tragedy on the scale of Vietnam.”

The newspaper though, has stated that it will not back down, this fact alone should give journalists a strong sense of pride. No matter the story, or the danger it will involve — in this case possible loss of life, El Diario’s editors swear they “won’t pull back from the necessary work of exposing the violent, chaotic situation that is stealing the soul of a community and, quite possibly, a nation.”

Journalists everywhere can learn from this article — there is a job to due, and we owe it to the citizens, our readers to get the story no matter the level of danger.

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