Leprechaun’s Aren’t Gay

If you were to ask yourself what country in the U.K is the least gay, you might have a hard time answering that question. But if you immediately answered Northern Ireland you might be right. At least according to a new poll from the Office of National Statistics from the U.K.

Of course, what fighting Irishman (or woman) is going to admit being gay or lesbian or even a leprechaun for that matter, in a society that is extremely religious and tough. Of course, this stoic image hasn’t really lived up to its reputation lately, what with all the priests coming out (as child predators). Even PA Mag Lochlainn doesn’t believe the statistics from the report. He says, “If you were to ask this survey in secret you would get a very different picture. It is like asking people here about their political opinion, people are reluctant to say how they really feel.”

What may further ye ol’ Mags viewpoint is that Northern Ireland also had the least amount heterosexuals, leaving a large portion of people who just don’t know what’s going on in their life. But perhaps something speaks to the 10,000 people who marched in this year’s gay pride parade and the just 30 “protesters” who were probably marching (with a hitch in their giddy up) right alongside of them.

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