Even Canada Can’t Escape the Tot Topic of Immigration

By Wendy Wohlfeill

Recent reports say a lobby group has pointed to a country known for its “open-arm” immigration policies to change its ways

Reuters Canada reports that the Center for Immigration and Policy Reform said Canada must overhaul its immigration and refugee system or risk overwhelming social services and driving up unemployment.

The report said that one of every six Canadian residents was born outside the country and that Canada currently accepts about 250,000 immigrants and 175,000 foreign temporary workers a year.

But the lobby group said the country’s social system cannot handle so many newcomers, with the unemployment rate now at about 7 percent.

Opposition to this report said that Canada’s aging population benefits from the families and youth of immigration. The New Democrats said they would like to see an annual immigration at 1 percent of the population, or 330,000 a year, which is even more than Canada is currently taking in.

This article interested me because it seems to be a new issue to Canada. We constantly see immigration as a “hot button” issue for the U.S and Europe—yet, until now, Canada, which has a very generous immigration policy, has been overlooked.

It will be interesting to see where this goes in the future.

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