U.S. raises the crimerate in border cities of Mexico

By Josh Newkirk

Four Mexico mayors on the United States- Mexico border have asked the U.S. to stop deporting Illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes, because they are contributing to border violence in Mexico.

Fox news reports that the four border mayors had a conference with San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, to talk about border issues.

According to the article, Ciudad Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes blamed U.S. deportation policy for contributing to his city’s violence, saying that of the 80,000 people deported to Juarez in the past three years, 28,000 had U.S. criminal records

While Reyes may be right, I’m sure if the roles were reversed it would be a different situation.

If U.S. citizens were being deported back to the states, I’m sure border communities in the U.S. would have the same results. I would suspect that Mexico would not want take back U.S. citizens who committed crimes in their country.

This is a situation where nobody is going to be happy, but American immigration has to keep their foot down on this issue. The U.S. has enough issues; they  should not have to keep illegal immigrants in this country that are convicted felons.  By being a criminal should be enough of a reason why they don’t deserve to be in the U.S.

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