Sandinistas supreme takeover of Nicaragua’s highest court

By Angelica Jimenez–

The election of Sandinista judge Alba Luz Ramos Wednesday as the new president of the Supreme Court solidified the socialist group’s takeover.

Opposition judges argued the illegal installation of Sandinista judges last April, made possible in part by two former Sandinista judges who kept showing up for work, should nullify the election of Ramos.  While the opposition continues to boycott sessions, Sandinistas maintain their actions were above board, and they had enough votes to elect a new directorate.

But analysts, including one former attorney, Sergio Garcia, who tore up his license in protest of these actions, contest the so-called election and any decisions made by this court.  The election marks the complete takeover of the entire legal system and could be the beginning of a coup or civil war, said Garcia.

Nicaragua’s Sandinista revolution lasted eleven years, from 1979-1990, and some analysts declared the movement dead.  But there is evidence to show this statement may be premature.

On Sept. 2 the new Sandinista government of President Daniel Ortega reprinted the Nicaraguan Constitution with several changes while the rest of the country took a national holiday, which many argue establishes a push towards a dictatorship.  These actions hardly resemble a defeated movement.

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