OMG, Orthodox Russians hit YouTube!

By Felicia Dechter

So, the Russian Orthodox Church has joined the YouTube phenomenon by starting its own channel on the video site, saying it will “bring God’s word closer to lives of modern youth,” according to a story in the Moscow Times.

The project has been planned for some time, according to Alexander Volkov, a spokesman for the church’s Patriarch Kirill. Apparently, the channel has operated for three months in a low-profile test mode and has attracted 165,000 visitors during that time.

“On one hand, the channel has a huge audience, and we realize that it will be a great means to preach online. On the other, the channel will provide another source of information about the church’s life for the public,” Volkov said.

The channel will present commentaries by senior clergy on important issues and events of modern life, church spokesman Vladimir Legoida said. Videos produced for the channel about church life will be available with English, German and Japanese subtitles.

Sounds like a good idea to me, as a little God never hurt anyone. Neither did a little Stoli, the Russian vodka I used to enjoy drinking back when I was a “modern youth.”

So maybe I’ll check out “God’s word” on the Russian YouTube channel and have myself a shot of Stoli while doing so.

Hopefully, the almighty won’t mind.

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