Is Russia In Asia?

It was very apparent that I knew nothing about Russia. But I learned quickly. I learned first and foremost that Russian men don’t like to cross their legs when sitting formally-informal in front of a panel consisting of two beautiful American women and a clever little Japanese-American boy.

The American-Moscow Exchange visited Columbia College to get a sense of what American journalism was all about. After a panel of three teachers took questions that ranged from American journalism ethics to journalism’s future, the Russians and American students broke into three groups, each one consisting of a translator.

What’s interesting to find out is that Russians are funny. They have a biting sense of humor and seem to own their bumbley foreign qualities with confidence and  pride. I couldn’t help to think that the woman across from me was sending flirty messages by catching my eye and smiling. But she wasn’t. She was just humored by our ignorance and curiosity by such questions as, Russia’s in China, right?

After settling on the fact that we three knew nothing of Russia, and anything close to it, we were able to discuss similarities and differences in the way journalism is covered in both countries. And while it seems that America has more freedoms in regards to media, it seems that Russian journalism can be just as objective and important to its people. It’s nice to actually see the faces of people responsible for writing and producing media in a country not quite completely free as in the U.S. And it leaves one with hope that what they learn here, can be applied there.

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