They’re really cookin’ in Afghanistan

A woman accused of murdering her mother-in-law was killed by the Taliban in the eastern Afghan province of Ghazni, according to a BBC story.

Apparently, the mother-in-law was pushed Hansel and Gretel style into a bread oven by two of her daughter-in-laws after a spat. What a way to go.

Seems the incident took place in a remote district, the Abe Band, which is about 37 miles east of the provincial capital, Ghazni City. So far, the Taliban has spared the life of the second daughter-in-law, as she is pregnant.

“There was a verbal clash between the daughters-in-law and the mother-in-law. The daughters-in-law threw her into the oven. She died of serious burns,” an Afghan official told the BBC.

It appears that the family approached the Taliban after the incident, and it’s suspected the Taliban gave an AK-47 assault rifle to the brother of the dead woman, and asked him to shoot one of the daughters-in-law in public. But the official added that it’s possible the family killed the daughter-in-law on its own. Sounds like an eye for an eye to me.

The other, pregnant daughter-in-law has been taken to an unknown location. The intelligence official said she may be kept hostage until she gives birth.

“She may then be killed,” he said.

So the woman with one in the oven could be killed for pushing her mother-in-law into the oven, leaving three women dead and a motherless child to bring up. The mere thought of that, well, it really burns me up.

By Felicia Dechter

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