By Josh Newkirk

While sitting in the Columbia College convergence newsroom last Thursday, I realized a couple things. One, I wish I spoke Russian, that would be pretty cool. Two, I don’t know anything about Russian politics, news or journalism.

As around twenty or so Russian journalist peppered our esteemed professors at Columbia College Chicago, about journalism ethics and standards. I sat there lost in translation, not the Russian being spoken, but merely the topics at hand.

After the Q& A with our professors, we would split into groups with translators for discussion. My group consisted of two men and two women from Russia, Along with myself; I had two other woman classmates with me as we asked questions about out culture and journalistic ways.  They were very nice people; I just didn’t have much to offer on journalistic writing or views.

We did talk about news coverage in America and how there is a different channels dedicated to certain political views. They talked about how they have no channels in Russia. There is no mixture of options news wise; it really makes you think how lucky we got it over her in the states.

I did find the event interesting and also disheartening, because I didn’t know much to anything about their culture. But life goes on, salute.

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