Seeking Refuge From Refuge

Pakistan has more refugees than any other country, including 1.7 million Afghans. But it’s not necessarily the paradise that the Afghanis want when leaving one tumultuous place filled with problems of humanity to another tumultuous place filled with problems of the cosmos. What’s worse, fearing bullets or the lack of necessities needed for survival…or does it matter?

An article on shows that Pakistan’s refugees might be some of the most neglected when compared to any other country. The damage from the flooding this past summer beats out this year’s Haiti earthquake, South Asia’s tsunami and Pakistan’s earthquake combined, according to the U.N.

Afghan refugees in camp Azakhel are what some call “recycled refugees” who come and go depending on the situation in Afghanistan. Some Afghan refugees actually feel just as much Pakistani at times than they do Afghani.

And while this camp, which has been in operation for around 30 years, continues to survive, both the government and its operators question rebuilding the damage that has been caused by the flood. And right now, they’re working with limited resources. But refugees continue to populate the area because, really, there’s no where else to go. They’ve invested their lives in Azakhel and have become these “professional refugees.”

It is, what Sarah Crowe, chief of communication for UNICEF’s South Asia office, calls “a double tragedy”–an emergency on top of an emergency. But for some, it’s life.

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