Move Over, Sarah Palin: Tea Party Movement Crops Up in Israel

By Sarah Ostman

The Tea Party movement appears to be going international.

Much like the American Tea Party movement splintered off the far-right of the Republican Party, disenchanted members of Israel’s conservative Likud party are breaking off to form a reactionary party of their own.

The target? President Barack Obama. Members of Israel’s Tea Party-inspired movement are furious that Obama has called on Israelis to stop building on the fought-over West Bank. And they’re worried that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu — himself a member of the Likud Party — will give in to the powerful Obama’s wishes.

“We believe President Obama is trying to force us to do things that most Israelis believe are very dangerous,” said Michael Kleiner, a former Likud legislator and one of the creators of the Tea Party movement. “We are being blackmailed to sacrifice our security and vital interests by another country, which is unprecedented.”

The movement will kick off with a rally Sunday night in Tel Aviv, with banners proclaiming their slogan: “Saying no to Obama.”

Read the Telegraph story here.

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