Cat Video’s Back In Turkey

Turkey has lifted its ban on YouTube, in a defeat which pleased many lonely uploaders of cat videos and seekers of psychedelic double rainbows.

Video, thought to be uploaded by Greek users in 2008, portrayed Ataturk and Turks as homosexuals. President Abdullah Gul asked for officials to find a solution. And they did, joining a handful of other countries that have strict bans on internet video.

For the past two years YouTube has been disallowed in Turkey because of defamation to the country itself. While some say “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” that doesn’t seem to apply in Turkey, where videos insulting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk or “Turkishness” is illegal.

YouTube claims that a third party took down the videos, which led to the ban being lifted by Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, who oversees internet issues in the country. Turkey is seen as having some of the most strict oversight of internet issues. But after “common sense prevailed,” according to Yildirim, the country can now ensconce itself in crappy videos like the rest of us.

Here’s a list of other countries that have banned YouTube or that are being watched closely.

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