A War for Recognition

If I may use an analogy:

Obama’s Southeast Asia trip reminds me of a high school reunion–or what I perceive one to be like. While the U.S. sees the event as a presidential formality–a way of reuniting old acquainances who we hope are doing worse than us and will continue to envy us–some are taking the opportunity to prove themselves now, because they were never able to in the past.

But international politics are more complicated than that, although not any less annoying and juvenile.

Kashmir, a region that Obama isn’t even visiting, is strengthening its security against militants who are feared to cause havoc to get the President’s attention on a part of the world largely sought by three surrounding countries (India, China and Pakistan).

And strenthening security actually means causing more war by region officials as sort of a preemeptive strike against what militants might do with Obama’s visit. So while his trip’s purpose is to talk to officials from the surrounding region, it also seems to be a cause for war. Because in order to protect the idea of peace, you need to kill those who threaten it. It’s the catch-22 of peace.

Read the article here.

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