Don’t cry over tainted milk?


By Wendy Wohlfeill

A trend of growing intolerance for critics in China has been in the spotlight today as, Zhao Lianhai, a Beijing local, was sentences to two and a half years in prison for his role, in, what the Chinese government are calling, “social disorder.”

Zhao’s son was one of the 300,000 children sickened during the 2008 milk scandal that rocked the world of consumer confidence in China.

Zhao set up an online forum to share information about the 2008 poisoning, which gave his three year old son kidney stones, and even started a support group for families that were affected.

At the time of his sentence Zhao was accused of three charges that included an organized gathering of a dozen parents of sick children at a restaurant, holding a sign in front of a factory involved in the scandal and giving media interviews in a public space.

The milk scandal revealed in 2008 that a well-known milk factory was adding industrial chemicals to watered down milk that would in-tune allow it to pass government protein tests.

The chemical, which can cause kidney stones and kidney failure, killed six children and sickened hundreds of thousand more.

Zhao is a former Chinese news reporter.

Unfortunately, this type of prison sentence is happening daily in China, yet only a handful of these stories can make it to U.S media sources.

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