How do you say Gap in Chinese?

By Angelica Jimenez–

The Chinese can layer on the denim now that Gap has broken ground in Shanghai.  On Wednesday the retail giant set up shop on Huaihai Road, one of the areas busiest shopping meccas in the city, according to a Reuters report.

The rows of twinkling blue lights are sure to grab attention.  And Gap is ready to take over opening another store in Shanghai over the next few weeks and two more in Beijing.

John Ermatinger, Gap’s Asia Pacific president, is banking on the Chinese’s growing appetite for labels.

“China has a long runway and bright future, a growing middle class that is going to keep growing and a love of brands,” Ermatinger said.

Gap, and other foreign companies, are desperately competing for the new Chinese middle-classes disposable income.  Gap wants to return to the staples that made them famous and introducing their 1969 jeans, based on the original denim and made with the same looms.  This sense of nostalgia might be a tough sell for Chinese consumers who have no memory of Gap’s distressed denim.

But China Gap claims to know what the Chinese like and need like Baby Gap jumpsuits with zippers or buttons down the front as opposed to America’s shoulder opening.  And China Gap is adding a Chinese flair to their styles with their special “China Red” buttons.

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