When In Doubt, Send Them to the Looney Bin

Mental disease in China is a problem. Especially when its services are being used up by the sane.

Three-hundred news reports have been examined where people using mental health services weren’t actually mentally ill, according to an article in UPI.com. And this is a shame, because last year a survey was released that showed China as having one of the highest percentage of people with mental disorders at around 17 percent.

About 200 Chinese have filed a “petition” (or grievances) against the government for being wrongly institutionalized. It’s almost like when an accused killer here, claims insanity, except the complete opposite.

Good luck, because according to a research in a study by Tsinghua University in Beijing, only two in a thousand complaints are resolved, write the NY Times.

But perhaps it’s better for China’s Communism if the truly crazy were the country’s audience. They’re easier to manipulate and would probably be less annoyed as government employees making your DMV trips much more pleasant.

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