A Land of Only Children and …..Only Dogs.

By Wendy Wohlfeill

It seems the one-child policy may not be enough for one of the largest cities in China, they may soon limit pet ownership as well, a CNN article reported.

Thirty years after the controversial one-child law was put in place, Shanghai is considering a new law that would allow only one dog to residents living in the city due to overcrowding.

If passed the law would go into place next year—those who violate the rule could face fines up to 1,000 yuan (about $120), which is a substantial amount for the average family.

According to the article, official figures showed there were about 800,000 pet dogs in the city and about 100,000 dog attack incidents annually.

The new law proposal came just a few months after the government made a statement that they will continue the one-child policy, which is estimated to have prevented over 400,000 births.

Those opposed to the one-dog law said they fear for the safety of animals once the rule is imposed.

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