Internet Hijacked the United States


China took over the world, at least technically speaking back in April, as the United States government and military internet traffic was briefly redirected through computer servers.

A report that is to be released by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on Wednesday. The report says China Telecommunication companies shutdown the world wide web for 18 minutes. China ended up “hijacking” about 15 percent of the worlds online internet traffic, affecting NASA, the U.S. Senate, the four branches of the military and the office of the Secretary of Defense.

The report said, China Intercom advertised network traffic routes that instructed U.S. and other foreign Internet traffic to travel through Chinese servers.

This is the first time reported that the internet hijacking affected the U.S. military.

It makes you wonder if, this type of technology takeover is possible for lengthier times, and obviously China has the power to do it. THE LINK


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