Visit South Africa and save at-risk animals

By Angelica Jimenez–

Animal lovers can now check out zebras, giraffes and elephants in the natural habitat and kick in some funds to protect them at the same time, Los Angeles Times reports.

Humane Society International, a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for animal protection measures all over the world, recently launched Humane Travels.  Starting in January, interested animal lovers and world travelers can head to South Africa and spend a week at the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary.

The reserve, just a quick flight from Johannesburg, is home to rescued wildlife, and some of the proceeds will go towards maintaining SanWild.  The Humane Society has already helped SanWild feed 16 lions and also has contributed to SanWild’s Vervet Monkey Rescue Project.

Travelers will also get to visit Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s largest game reserves, just north of Zimbabwe.  Twenty-one trips are scheduled for 2011, but each trip only accommodates 16 tourists.

The price tag for this once-in-a lifetime excursion?  Just $2,500, per adult, for the more rustic Bukisa tent camp or $2,600 for the more luxurious Savannah camp.

This doesn’t include airfare, but you’re not going to see these animals cageless at Brookfield or Lincoln Park Zoo.  And look at that baby zebra.  Adorable!

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