Amanpour’s above the rest

By Angelica Jimenez–

When she was hired an a entry-level assistant on the foreign desk for the fledgling CNN back in 1983, few could predict that Christiane Amanpour would become one of the world’s most renown and respected foreign correspondents.

Amanpour, 52, received her break three years later when she covered the Iran-Iraq war. Her ability to navigate dangerous terrain helped move her up in the ranks.  She was quickly sent to Europe during the fall of their communism era and then to Kurwait to cover the Persian Gulf War.

Amanpour has had her moments of controversy-most notably over her coverage of the Bosnian War.  Some claimed she favored the Bosnian Muslims, and she explained that this was not a case where one could be neutral.  But she still gave both sides equal time.

The award winning correspondent was the first to snag interviews with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac.  Her fearlessness in the face of peril combined with her journalistic talents and multi-lingual skills make her the gold standard in the world of foreign correspondents.

Add that to the fact that she appeared in the series finale for one of my favorite shows, “Gilmore Girls,” playing herself, Amanpour is in a league all by herself.  And her advice to the soon-to-be journalism graduate Rory is especially meaningful right now.

But now that she’s returned to the states to host ABC’s “News This Week,” who has the chops to step up to take her place?  Any takers?

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