A globetrotter international correspondant

Jean-François Bélanger, 42, is a longtime Canadian international correspondent. He did his undergraduate in Quebec before moving to Paris for a Masters in journalism at La Sorbonne.

Then, he started to work in the French capital for French-CBC. He later joined the newsroom of this media organization in Montréal. However, Bélanger became more known after he moved to Sénégal where he was the international correspondent in Africa for both English and French CBC. While in Africa, he covered several conflicts, including in the Republic Democratic Congo and the Ivory Coast, and he won an award for his reporting package in Mauritania about the feeding of young girls.

More recently, Belanger was in Liban in 2007 after the attacks from Israel. He has been integrated in the Canadian army where he covered the troops operation in Afghanistan.

He was one of the first Western journalists that covered the H1N1 flu in the affected region of Mexico. He is now the new international correspondent for French CBC in Moscow.

I admire his work because he is not scared to go into war conflict territory. Like me, he has a passion for presenting news stories that help the viewers/readers to understand the local problems and get rid of their prejudice.

Submitted by Jean-Virgile Tassé-Themens

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